Adisa is one of the more human monsters created by Deaudonné Markhophen.  He has a guardian level in the hierarchy of monsters.



Art of Adisa by Kalen Yakovlev.

Adisa resembles a young man with vibrant green hair and eyes, pointed ears and teeth, and a thin, sickly physique.

He is constantly covered in an array of wounds. He wears a black wifebeater style shirt, and black cargo shorts.

He also has large, bat like wings- but are lacking membrane, they're little more that sinew covered bone. Besides this, he also sports large, clawed hands.

He also has several piercings.


Adisa is a Yoruban name, means "one who is clear."  This is symbolic of how he saves </span>Deaudonné by showing her what she truly is.

Adisa also kills any and every monster that tried to harm Deaudonné, since that is his self-appointed position.


  • He uses both his claws and wings for battle.
  • He cannot speak- because if he spoke, Deaudonné could get a misconception from what he says, and thus not be freed.
  • Adisa represents Deaudonné's fear of other's kindness.