Art of Deaudonné by Kalen Yakovlev.

Deaudonné Markhophen is a young women haunted by her own fears and childhood memories.


Deaudonné is a fair skinned, dark haired girl of about 19. She wears her black hair in a braid to keep it out of her face; though her squarely cut bangs are usually in the way. She also has vibrantly blue eyes, and a scar on her left temple, just next to her eye. She wears a pair of round glasses- they are quite large and occupy most of her face. 

She generally wears a dull, greyish red jacket over a black tanktop, and dark grey jeans.


Deaudonné's place in the story is of both the antagonist and protagonist; she created a world in her mind, full of monsters that are symbolic of her fears and bad memories. She runs or fights any she comes across monsters; this can turn wholespecies of them against her, whereas they would have been passive. Some of them she is utterly striken by; other she has a wary tolerance for.

Monster deu

Monster form of Deaudonné by Kalen Yakovlev. (I was too lazy to add the wings; gomensai!)


Deaudonné relies on the weapons she can find in her world- these are the forms of everything she did to combat her fears as a child; kicking and screaming comes to her as a a bat with railway spikes in it; cold shoulder as a double edged sword (pun intended); and more along these lines.

Deaudonné is, ironically, also a monster; she doesn't know it, until the monster Adisa gets close enough to her to show her a mirror, where she sees her real form as a monster just like everything else. This  realization broke her out of her mental world, and brought her back to reality.


  • Her name is a corruption of Dedan, a reference to the Indie game OFF, by Mortis Ghost. It is also a corruption of the French words for 'God gave. '
  • The only reason her dream world didn't destroy her is because she wasn't a pure, perfect human; she is just as low down as everyone, and realizing this is what really brought her back.
  • After she returns, every night she dreams, and she's back in her world; she spends this time making ammends with her fears.
  • She is the sole God-level monster.